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Since the start of 2019 we’ve been helping Worcester Bosch and Bosch Thermotechnology to tell their story on a wider front.  Working for their trade, consumer and commercial business units, we’ve helped change the narrative from narrow storylines about heating checks, technical assistance and product information to a broader story that has the UK heating industry front and centre: the national and global issue of Climate Change.

We’ve advised the market leader to do what leaders do: talk about the market.  As a result, the company and the trade have seen increases in understanding from government and key organisations that help inform the discussion and give the industry’s point of view.  Of course, in addition to that, we’ve been able to launch some exciting new products into the market, from state of the art designer heating systems to new air conditioning units and new wireless control technology, introduced the brand to new influencers and amplified their advertising with the search for the real life Worcester the Cat as well!