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Media relations is at the core of what we do at The Playbook and as an agency we have a wealth and breadth of strong relationships with journalists. Having worked with clients including the NFL, ECB and FA, we have built relationships in sport where we have contacts ranging from senior editors right down through to the day-to-day sports writers.

However, nowadays, it is more important than ever for any sports organisation to get positive coverage beyond the sports pages. Alongside our work in the consumer and tech spaces, we have developed strong contacts across the media landscape from print and online to broadcast media covering everything from GQ and Closer magazines to the Radio 4 Today Programme.

Media relations is a 24/7 job that never stops in our team. Our contact books are continuously growing as we seek to constantly build new relationships. Not a day goes by where members of our team aren’t either speaking to journalists on the phone, popping out for a quick coffee or taking them out to lunch.

These relationships are invaluable. They are not only crucial when seeking positive coverage but also provide us with another sounding board and layer of insight we can always call upon from the planning stage to the delivery stage of every project.


“The Playbook consistently delivers value to the NFL, both through their strategic communications input and a highly creative approach to delivering media coverage that engages all of our core audiences.”

David Tossell, Director of Public Affairs (Europe), NFL

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