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To engage new audiences beyond your core audience is impossible without great content. To spread your message, it is always necessary to create unique and engaging content and we at The Playbook have the creativity and expertise to do just that.

We have worked with talent from world famous athletes to rappers and influencers to create content from brands and organisations ranging from governing bodies to betting brands to create creative and unique content that effectively spreads the message we are trying to get across whilst engaging fans and consumers far beyond their traditional audiences.

From the initial creative spark, to the planning and the treatment, to bringing in and working with the best third-party content teams out there, we are with our clients at every stage to ensure that any creative content is not only engaging but also on-message and on-brand at all times.

Once we have the content, our contacts in the media and industry expertise means we are experts in content marketing and placing our content in the right channels to ensure maximum reach in our target audiences.


“The Playbook came up with a simple yet highly creative solution to our brief, and delivered it flawlessly across multiple media channels, resulting in our most successful campaign to date.”

Simon Kutner, Executive Director, Group Media Relations, Standard Chartered

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