• We build campaigns that have
  • a real impact on how people
  • think and behave.

Every brand wants to influence the people who matter most to them.

There’s nothing new in that, and “influencer marketing” has become a big part of how brands can engage their audience.

But we believe real influence comes from a smarter, more connected way of doing things.

We build campaigns that have a real impact on how people think and behave, using a combination of creative PR campaigns, social influencers and strategic communications.

Creative PR Campaigns

We create stories, content and experiences that generate valuable earned media, harnessing the power of third party endorsement to influence brand perceptions.

Social Influencers

We identify the right social influencers and find authentic ways to get them engaging with brands, creating and sharing content that gets people talking.

Strategic Communications

We work with clients on communications strategy and stakeholder engagement, finding the right way to get their message across and influence the people who matter most.


About Us

Born in 2016, we specialise in sport, health and technology, working with brands, sponsors and rights-holders.

We combine the flexibility and hunger of a young agency with the scale and support that comes with being part of the Hanover Group, an international consultancy with offices in London, Brussels, Dublin and Dubai.

The Playbook.

Smart thinking that moves people.

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